Company profile

Chemical manufacturing began in Strážske in 1952 with the construction of a plant focused on the production of explosives and other intermediate products intended for both military and civilian uses.

The market situation changed drastically in the 1990s, and the economically inefficient production of explosives ceased at the end of 2003, with all production definitively ended on 1 January 2005.

Currently, Chemko, a. s. Slovakia manufactures cutting edge inorganic and organic chemistry products including light stabilisers (such as Dastib) and their intermediate products as well as phenolic resins.

Other companies conducted services activities for chemical manufacturing activities at the Chemko industrial park and for other external clients.

The company’s strategic focus is to build out the company’s existing site into a modern industrial park with a broad range of provided services.
The future is bright thanks to Its suitable geographic location, simple logistics for transporting raw materials and products, existing and functional infrastructure at the site and buildings and open lots available for lease.

Management’s vision is to lay the groundwork in the Zemplín Region for potential investors and to share in the creation of jobs for locals to ensure development and economic growth in the area where Chemko has today built up a stable position on the market and a good reputation in the chemical industry.

Our goal is to be among the leading chemical companies in Slovakia in the areas of efficiency, sustainable development and ecological balance.