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Accreditation is official recognition that a laboratory is competent to perform specific measurements and testing, as well as chemical analysis in the case of analytical laboratories.

A certificate of accreditation issued by the Slovak Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing (SNAS), is a sure guarantee that the performed tests will be completed in a qualitative manner and the results with correspond to the true values of the object of investigation.

In assessing the competency of a laboratory to conduct testing and/or calibration activities, the SNAS generally assesses the fulfilment of the requirements of the updated version of the ISO/IEC 17025 standard and follows applicable policies and accreditation guidelines issued by the SNAS.

Chemko, a.s. Slovakia holds accreditation certificate no. S-216, and a scope of accreditation issued by the Slovak National Accreditation Service to perform physical and physico-chemical testing of wastewater, surface water and groundwater. Please contact the head of the laboratory for more information, Ing. Peter Marcinský, or call +421 56 681 4080, +421 915 778 814.