Responsible care

Responsible Care is a chemical industry initiative which seeks to continuously improve care for the environment, and health and safety during the production and use of chemical products. The initiative and its name were created in Canada in 1984 and gradually spread around the world.

While detailed implementation of a Responsible Care program may differ based on the specifics, cultures and conditions in individual countries, the objectives of this program cross borders and are common to all companies.

The Responsible Care program is a global commitment on the part of the chemical industry focused on aligning business activities with ever more stringent demands in terms of safety, health protection and environmental protection.

The program is characterized by eight features adopted and approved by the ICCA. National chemical associations are responsible for the detailed implementation of the program, and each program must contain the following eight essential characteristics.

Responsible care in Slovakia is provided by the Association of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry (ZCHFP). More information is available online at

Chemko, a.s. Slovakia has joined the program and was granted the right to use the RC logo thanks to the assessment of its implementation and self-evaluation questionnaire.