Salt extraction and processing

Implementation of the Extraction and refinement (crystallisation) of rock salt from the designated reserve in CHLO Zbudza investment activity.

This project involves the extraction of up to 300 kilo tonnes of NaCl per year for the purposes of potential use in the food industry, medicine, agriculture, and primarily in industry using a leaching extraction method. The extracted and refined salt will primarily be used as a raw material in the newly constructed membrane electrolysis technology installed at the facility of Fortischem a.s. Nováky, which belongs to the Energochemica Trading, a.s. holding company.

Extraction will be conducted under a decision issued by the District Mining Authority in Košice to extract a designated reserve or rock salt under no. 763-2655/2007 covering the Zbudza extraction reserve designated for Prorogo s.r.o.

Construction of the linear salt solution pipeline structure will pass over the cadastral territories of Zbudza, Staré and Strážske to transport the extracted salt in the form of a saturated NaCl solution from the salt processing facility at Chemko a.s. Slovakia. A total of 1 million m3 per year of saturated NaCl solution can be carried through the pipeline.

The processing facility will process the extracted saturated salt solution using crystallisation technology and the resulting finished product will be crystalline salt. Annual production capacity will be 300,000 t of salt.