Warning the public

Specific signals are used to warn the public and notify persons in the area after an emergency occurs or if there is the imminent threat of such an emergency:

Warning system functionality is verified by sounding a constant tone for 2 minutes per the specifications laid down by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. Radio, television and print media provide information of the date of regular testing of siren functionality and other testing activities!

When A Siren Sounds

Once a warning signal sounds, information will follow about the specific type of emergency and recommendations for how the public should respond. It is also necessary to listen for messages on the local radio system or other available means of communication. The following principles apply in general to protect yourself and your loved ones:

  • remain calm, act carefully and do not panic
  • follow the instructions from rescue units, local and state authorities
  • warn others at risk
  • immediately leave the hazardous area, if possible
  • before leaving the building, turn off any open flames and shut off electrical and gas appliances
  • take protective measures based on the individual type of accident and protect others if possible